We here at PaliProto 3D pride ourselves on our hands on, one on one customer service. Our door is open to current and future clients alike. Sometimes all it takes is a quick email or phone call. While other times we need to engage in a few consulting sessions to figure out the issue.

Contact us directly for your 3D Printing, Scanning or Design support needs or browse our extensive resources and support sections for material datasheets, printer installation guides or other items. We have attempted to keep our support and links sections up to date but sometimes our vendors, partners, and 3rd parties will move things about.

Remember...Paliproto can generate stunning plastic models (large or small) from a computer file that We create or You send us.....

Please let us know if you need something specific for your printer or materials or if you have additional questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blogs and Forums

Zortrax Blog

envisionTEC Blog

3D Systems Blog


Helpful Links


Their support area


Their support area

3D Systems

Their support area


Their support area


3D printing basics


Instructables about 3D printing


Wikipedia entry all about 3D Printing


Get started with 3D printing


Software and Downloads


3D drawing software


Free online 3D modeling software


3D modeling software

Autodesk 123D Catch

Generate 3D files from photos (free)

Autodesk 123D Design

3D modeling software (free)

Autodesk 123D Sculpt+

iPad based 3D sculpting app (free)

3D Systems Sculpt

Powerful 3D sculpting software (paid)

Autodesk Meshmixer

3D editing and modeling


Educational Resources

Autodesk Education

Free student and educator resources from Autodesk

3D Systems

3D Systems education initiative

SketchUp EDU

SketchUp for education Basics of 3D Printing  Basic 3D printing tutorials (paid subscription) 
GitHub Software, hacks, models.


Other Cool Things


Models, files and downloads marketplace


Volunteer to print "helping hands" for those in need


Models, files and downloads marketplace

Makerbot Digital Store

Models, files and downloads marketplace


Models, files and downloads marketplace



Make 3D Printing: The Essential Guide to 3D Printing

3D Printing For Dummies

Mastering 3D Printing (Technology in Action)

Functional Design for 3D Printing 2nd edition: Designing 3D printed things for everyday use

The Invent To Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom: Recipes for Success

Worlds of Making: Best Practices for Establishing a Makerspace for Your School (Corwin Connected Educators Series)

Design for 3D Printing: Scanning, Creating, Editing, Remixing, and Making in Three Dimensions

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