We do 3D printing

Paliproto can generate stunning plastic models (large or small) from a computer file that we create or You send us.

3D printing (additive manufacturing) is versatile for numerous applications. The technologies, materials and processes keep improving monthly, become increasingly accessible and affordable for the tinkerer, hobbyist, prototyper, engineer or modeler. We can help you learn about the best fit for your needs. 

However we also know that there are times where you need someone else to do it right and to do it quickly.

We know that not everyone has the desire, time, or expertise to fix their own car, build their own deck, or design and sew their own clothes. In much the same way, not everyone has the desire, time, or expertise to buy and spend their resources in learning the 3D printing processes and workflows.

Especially when you're on a deadline or budget! That's where we come in.

Model building - 3D Printing allows for customization and the creation of small scale models and kits. Printed in the EnvisionTEC Micro

Possibility and convenience

PaliProto 3D Printing and Scanning is a 3D printing service bureau conveniently located in your metro Atlanta neighborhood. We are located in East Cobb and were the first true Brick and Mortar retail shop in the area. We are affordable and can print and deliver timely and quality plastic models and objects from your digital files. We offer an alternative to conventional micro-machining for fabricating one-off precision plastic parts, prototypes, models, props, form-fit tests parts and personalized one of a kind items.

Do you want to design your own smartphone case or money clip? Do you need a prototype for a presentation or a mold as input into another manufacturing process? Most items that are smaller than a loaf of bread and which can be made out of plastic (or composite like materials) and pieced together are perfect for 3D printing on our state of the art printers. We currently print FDM processes on the Zortrax M200, M300 and Inventure, Airwolf, Fusion3 F410 and the Markforged X7. For resin and jetting printers we use the Stratasys Objet 30, EnvisonTEC 3SPMicro, Vector and Perfactory and 3D Systems MJP  2500 and CJP 660Pro machines in our open plan production facility. Come down and check us out.

How do I get started?

Contact us through our custom request form, or simply give us a call. We can guide you through the next steps. Hope to hear form you soon!



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