3D printing is a collection of related technologies. Each system has unique material requirements. From filaments to liquid resins to powder systems each type of process has it's own characteristics, material safety issues, operating and storage requirements and more.

At PaliProto 3D printing we can help you find the correct materials for your needs. We know that it doesn't matter how amazing the technology if you don't get the right material for the job!

We can help. From dedicated Zortrax filaments, to FFF exotics and staples such as MakeShaper, to the engineered polymers, elastomers and plastic-like offerings of 3D Systems, to EnvisionTECs exacting resin formulations, to the composites, reinforced fibers, and high strength options provided by Markforged - let us help you pinpoint the correct material for your job.

Contact us if you have any questions about materials for your 3D printer or printing needs. You can also drop by our retail location and see what we have in stock today.

MakeShaper envisionTEC Zortrax  3D Systems  Markforged

The following materials are currently in use at our service bureau. Please inquire about availability or material properties and applications using our contact form. We can also answer questions about other options from our partners and/or vendors.

  • Materials for 3D Systems MJP 2500 System:
    • Armor (M2G-CL) 
    • Proflex (M2G-DUR) 
    • Clear (M2R-CL)
    • Black (M2R-BK)
    • White (M2R-WT)
    • Grey (M2R-GRY)
    • Elastomeric Opaque Black (M2 EBK)
    • Elastomeric Translucent Natural (M2 ENT)
    • Wax Support
  • Materials for 3D Systems CJP 660 Pro System:
    • VisiJet® PXL™ Build Material with full CMYK
  • Materials for Markforged:
    • Onyx
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Kevlar
    • Fiberglass
  • Materials for Objet30 Prime:
    • RGD 720
    • RGD 430 / 450
    • MED 610
    • Tango (Black, Grey)
    • Vero (Blue, White, Black, Clear)
    • DurusWhite / Endur
    • RIGUR
  • Materials for EnvisionTEC:
    • RC70 / RC90
    • E-MODEL
    • BT28 - High Temperature
    • DB20 ABS WHITE
    • HTM 140
    • LS 600
    • CD 20 BLACK
  • Materials for CubePro printers:
    • ABS (various color choices including white, black, blue, red and many more)
    • PLA (various color choices including white, black, blue, red and many more)
    • Nylon (Black and White)
  • Zortrax Z-Materials: 
    • Please Note: Zortrax Roll Materials have a high quality standard and are perfect filaments for other FFF systems 
    • Z-Glass
    • Z-Semiflex
    • Z-Hips
    • Z-ABS
    • Z-PCABS
    • Z-ULTRAT
    • Z-PETG
    • Z-PLA Pro
    • Z-ULTRAT Plus
    • Z-ASA Pro
    • Z-ESD
    • Z-Support and Z-Support Plus (Inventure Only)
  • Other Materials Including:
    • Nylon
    • Ninjaflex
    • Wood Fill
    • Bronze Fill
    • Moldlay (lost casting with FDM)
    • Glow in the Dark (various colors)


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